Manipulated flow rate and motor speed

Hi Everybody,

I recently bought the GrovePi+ Starter Kit, and I have had a lot of fun testing the sensors. This kit is very interesting for me because I am not an Electrician or Electronic engineer. Now, I am planning two projects, but I am not sure if these ideas are viable with the GrovePi board and Raspberry Pi B+. The following are the ideas and the parts that I am planning to buy.

Project 1. Connect a fan to the GrovePi board and be able to manipulate the speed of the motor.

For this idea, I think the Grove-Mini Fan is enough; I think the speed of the motor could be manipulated with the voltage in the code.

Project 2. Connect a pump to the GrovePi board and be able to manipulate the flow rate.

Here, if the pump has a flow rate between 2~100L/min, then the code should be able to change the desired flow rate in the pump, lets say 50L/min or any other value. I am aware about the Dogs watering and spying system project, but it looks like this one is using totally open or close valve.

For this idea, I am not sure which parts I should buy. So I am thinking to start with the Generic NC 5V relay, 12V solenoid valve, and the 12V windscreen wiper pump.

I appreciate if you have any suggestion or comment.



I think the Grove system has a flow meter, have you looked at that? It might be helpful to get you to the 50L/min and maintain that as well.