Mechanical problems


One of the wheels “wobbles” a lot. Because of this, the robot never goes straight and has a hard time to turn when the wobbling wheel is needed for the turn. It isn’t the wheel itself, that is causing the problem. Switching the wheels doesn’t help. It seems that the axis in the motor is bent. Any advice ion how to resolve this? Thanks!


Are you sure that the axis is bent?

The GoPiGo does wobble a lot when you start using it because there is a PID algorithm running on the firmware that makes it go straight, but the wobbling should stop in a few seconds.

Can you try running the in GoPiGo/Software/Python/ and give it i to move fwd and k to move back, n to rotate left, m to rotate right and x to stop. All these commands are without the PID algorithm and should help you figure out if there is a problems with the PID Algorithm or a mechanical problem.

Let me know how it goes.



Also, is it possible to send us a picture? If we shipped something faulty, or a motor that’s broken, we’ll replace it asap.


We’ve just updated our instructions a bit. Please be sure to check this out:

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