Micro USB connector and reset button


I noticed a few unsoldered pads in the bottom left corner between RPISER and A2, and 4 pads next to the crystal near the logo.

On the EAGLE board it shows a micro usb connector and a reset button.

I’m just curious what the micro usb would be used for?
Running the GrovePi standalone, without a Raspberry Pi?
A more stable power source?
Would I benefit at all from soldering on my own micro usb?

On the PCB it looks like only VCC is connected, but on the schematics, GND is also connected, and nearby capacitors C6 and C8 are also connected to GND.
Is the top layer of the PCB all grounded?

I’ve shorted the reset button pads a few times while testing my own custom firmware - a momentary push button would be a nice addition. I’ll definitely solder on one of those.

What are the 4 tiny drill holes between A2 and the micro usb used for? Stopping sparks?

Hey Mike,
The microUSB was initially meant for powering high current sensors which the Pi could not supply directly. It can also be used to supply 5V directly to the GrovePi.

Later on we didn’t find much use of it and left it unpopulated. It might not be of much use and in the latest version we are removing it altogether.

Mounting a reset button might be a good idea for testing the firmware, but we have moved to resetting from software itself.

The drill holes are all remnants of the older design. We were a bit lazy. I had completely forgot about them.