MicroSD card rebuild

How can I rebuild my microSD card to what it was when I received it from you? Is there a downloadable image somewhere? Thanks,

If it came with a DexterOS card:

If it came with a Raspbian For Robots card (For Pi 3B, 3B+ Stretch based):

For Pi4 you have to use the experimental which does not come with the bot AFAIK:

I want to install ROS on it, so which one should I use?

I see that I actually installed the ROS node stuff on to a RaspberryPi.org Stretch Raspbian, and then installed the DI software to that.

But in my notes I said I think I should have used the DI Stretch Raspbian For Robots image to start with.

The most critical tidbit for either is increasing CONF_SWAPSIZE=1024

Setup_ROS_GoPiGo3_Stretch_pub.txt (11.1 KB)