MicroSD card rebuild

How can I rebuild my microSD card to what it was when I received it from you? Is there a downloadable image somewhere? Thanks,

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If it came with a DexterOS card:

If it came with a Raspbian For Robots card (For Pi 3B, 3B+ Stretch based):

For Pi4 you have to use the experimental which does not come with the bot AFAIK:

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I want to install ROS on it, so which one should I use?

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I see that I actually installed the ROS node stuff on to a RaspberryPi.org Stretch Raspbian, and then installed the DI software to that.

But in my notes I said I think I should have used the DI Stretch Raspbian For Robots image to start with.

The most critical tidbit for either is increasing CONF_SWAPSIZE=1024

Setup_ROS_GoPiGo3_Stretch_pub.txt (11.1 KB)

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That depends on the Pi version you have.

If you’re using the Pi-4, you must use the Buster version.

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You may want to start out with the Buster version of Raspbian for Robots before trying to spin your own build. It’s, (essentially), a known quantity and it’s easier to get help because it’s what most everyone knows.

Once you’ve gained traction with RFR, you can try branching out with other configurations, solid in the knowledge that your basic scheme works.

For the record, there is a ROS image here: https://sourceforge.net/projects/dexter-raspbian-for-robots/files/GoPiGo3_Ubuntu18.04-ROS_Melodic.tar.gz/download

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