Missing com1 in arduino

after open Arduino, there are only two ports I can choose from (dev/ttyAMA0 and dev/ttyS0)
What happen to the default com1 ? it is no longer available ?

what port (dev/ttyAMA0 or dev/ttyS0) should I chose to upload my sketch ?


Hello @jukarobert, are you using Raspbian for Robots? Which software version are you using?

Also, have you worked through our Getting Started page for the Arduberry?

Yes, I follow the steps carefully from " getting started page for the arduberry " without problem.

I download the most updated Raspbian for Robots in my booting SD card (2017.06.21_Dexter_industries_jessie.zip)

Why COM1 is missing (or can’t open) among the port selection ( only ttyAMA0 or ttyS0 available) ?

I am curious which port to use then (dev/ttyAMA0 or dev/ttyS0) while try to upload sketch? or does it matter ? and what difference does it make ?


Not sure if I follow: are you having trouble uploading your sketch from the Raspberry Pi to the Arduberry?