Missing Part

I buy GOPIGO STARTER KIT and other accessories with 300$ last month from this website. last week , I received the package ,but Raspberry Pi Model B+ is not inside. I have sent the message to dexter. But no feedback at all. Anyone could tell me what should I do next? Without PI model ,the GoPIGo can do nothing…
thank you

Hi znhot, can you give me your order number? I’ll followup with Amber and make sure we get a response out to you.

Hi John,

Thank you for your reply .My order number is 69710 .The part number of Raspberry Pi Model on the product list is 064052271016 ,but it is not in the package which I received .
I think your product is great and I really hope that I could receive the missing part and work on it ASAP.

Best regards

I will try to get someone from our team to respond to this asap. Thanks for your patience!