Module not found gopigo

When trying to run the basic tests I get the following error: Module not found gopigo

Any suggestions?

Hey xpop43,
Are you using the Dexter Industries image or SD card. Looks like the GoPiGo library is not installed on your pi. Can you try running the install script from here following the directions on the Readme and let us know if that helps.


Hi Karen,

I thank you for your reply. I did do the install as you instructed. I should point out I am using my own SD card. After retrying the install I still get the following error message when running the “” script.

File “” line 39 in <module>
from gopigo import *
Import error: No Module named gopigo

I than ran the tests to produce the log file which I am including.

I thank you for any help you may be able to offer.

From the output of the troubleshooting script, it looks like the install script did not work properly for you. Can you try running it again sudo chmod +x and then sudo ./ and then try again. Can you post the output that you get when you run the install script.



The reinstall did the trick. Everything is now working. Thank you for your help!