Monitorlift for 7inch RPi Display


i hope that im right in this forum.
I want to build a “jukebox” with a raspberry pi.
Ill do it with Voluminuo. I have an old Radio where you can open a cover plate on the top.
As i read that voluminio works with the original 7 inch touch display for the rpi, i want to use it.
Until this i think there will be no problem.

Now the reason why im here: I want that the display “drives” up when i open the cover plate.
Where i need help or ideas for the “monitorlift” for the 7" Display, is the mechanical part and the motor part.

My ideas until now:

  • simply use a CD-drive, to lift the 7"-screen. But i think its not a realy nice solution and maybe it doesnt drive high enough.

  • motor with a gear and something like a threadshaft

  • is there maybe something ready i could buy (i only found monitor lifts for like 17" screens and bigger/ TVs; but nothing comparable for 7")

  • what motor would i need?

Thanks a lot for your ideas and your help!

You should try the Raspberry Pi hardware forums or other “maker” places.

We can’t help you with that here, as these forums are for the Dexter Industries and/or Modular Robotics robots.

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