Motor_speech crashes

Going through a lot of the examples.
Finding that some crash.

(FYI - I am using a 12volt external supply plugged straight into the power receptacle on the GoPiGo. Batteries are taking a rest for now. volt() produces 12.33 on average since installing that.)

My GoPiGo build is based on option 3. Seems all the dependencies are satisfied. In order to run some of the demo code without exceptions or errors, I needed to install a few libraries.

espeak, wxpython to name a couple.

After that, works until you use s : Move the GoPiGo back after ‘w’ move forward.
This glitches everything (i know because there audio connection going to my sound system from the Pi which is ‘popping’ when that happens) and resets the Pi. It automatically comes back up fairly fast.

eg; - This does nothing and produces errors when you type any command.

$ python
^C Traceback (most recent call last):
File “”, line 35, in
a = raw_input()

Any ideas? I am developing a voice-controlled app for GPG with speech out as well.



Motor_Speech still does nothing but the ‘’ works fine only on batteries.
When I have the 1amp/12v p/s as the power, stuff fails weirdly as I stated previously. bwd() didn’t function right in the basic_test_all with the 12v p/s connected but does work with the battery.


If you can figure this out, it would make development very easy as batteries would only be needed during untethered field runs.


This sounds like the batteries might be low. If you’re switching directions, you might be causing a heavy draw on the batteries, dropping the voltage, and shutting off power to the Pi.

You’re using a Pi3? And running a bunch of background threads probably? The amperage draw on these might be excessively high and causing the sudden reboot.