Motor turns at different rates

Hello Support Team, we are experiencing the similar issue listed here(motor turns at different rates and stalls). We have updated the firmware/software, tried the commands i and k, but none of those seem to help. Here are some other symptoms: when the GoPiGo stalls, we moved the wheels slightly out and noticed that the GoPIGo forwards a little bit further but then the wheels move in automatically causing GoPiGo to stop. We also noticed that one of the wheels doesn’t start all the time with fwd or bkwd commands, and when we roll it manually it picks up a little but and stalls again. My kids are relying on the GoPiGo for their project which is supposed to be done in April. Please advise any other steps we should take to get this resolved. Thank you.

nsb11, how are you powering the GoPiGo when you see these symptoms?

Also, which version of the GoPiGo are you using?