Motor wires snap off easily


Hi - this is an issue with the GoPiGo2 that I received when I backed GoBox on Kickstarter. Actually getting around to putting it together today (I know, the Kickstarter campaign was over a year ago, sorry, I’m slow!), and the wires to the motor snaps off pretty easily. Just wanted to let y’all know.

Link to photo on Dropbox:


Hi @darrell-little,

Thank you for bringing this up to us.
It seems like there was a bad soldering joint.

Also, when you’ve toyed around with the motors, did you put any pressure onto the motor terminals? If so, how much?
This shouldn’t happen, but again, some force can also break them.

Thank you!


Not really anything out of the usual. I was trying to plug the motor to the GoPiGo board and had to adjust it a little.

I was able to pull a motor out of a different kit and soldered some wires on it. The GoPiGo is working, but there’s a big difference between the two motors (calibration factor is -50 something!).


Hi @darrell-little,

Thanks for telling us.

Regarding that big difference in speed vs applied voltage between the two motors, I think the coil windings can be blamed here.
If one coil has a higher resistance than another one, than it’s normal to see different speeds of the rotator(s) - so you shouldn’t worry having to move the calibration factor slider a little bit more.

Also, can we close the thread now?

Thank you!


Hey @darrell-little just to let you know, this has been seriously upgraded on the GoPiGo3: there are no more solder joints and the motors are PID controlled very precisely now!


I just got my GoPiGo3 last week. I’ll be sure to point that out on my
"Unboxing" video on YouTube! BTW, I’ll be at the Rockville, MD Raspberry
Jam with my robots! Hope to see y’all there!


Hey @darrell-little we can’t wait to see the video! We hope you love the GoPiGo3 as much as we’ve loved building it!