Motors in opposite directions

I am finally getting around to playing with my GoPiGo.
All is well, except that the motors don’t go in the same direction. And yes, my cables are alternating, black, white, black, white.

I switched them to white,black,black,white, and now they’re going in the same direction. However they don’t seem to get the same amount of power. At least not consistently. My GoPiGo goes in a sinuous pattern instead of going straight.


I’m using to test.

Going backwards is more or less straight. Going forward is not straight.

Hmm, a reboot seems to have taken care of the issue.

Weird… The GoPiGo still wobbles but manages to go in a straight line, more or less.

Ok, the reboot didn’t fix anything after all. It just reset the power to high.
If I lower the power, then one wheel stops working, while the other one is still happy.
I double checked everything and I don’t see anywhere where friction would be a problem. I just seem to have a defective motor :frowning:

CleoQc, do you have the encoders attached to your motors?

Yes they are attached. (That’s the black circles, right?)

Yeah, is the the circular thing with slots cut out . Just make sure that the tape in there on top of them.

Also, can you make sure that batteries have more than 9V.

Try this. Put the GoPiGo on the ground and run the forward command in the basic_test program. It should wobble a bit when it starts and then start moving forward.

You have updated to the latest software and firmware, right?


Also curious CleoQc: are you seeing wobbling at very low speeds, or at all speeds?

Batteries are brand new Duracell Quantum.

Yes I’ve updated to the latest software and firmware, as per instructions here:

(yes I disconnected the motors before updating)

If you open GoPiGo/Software/Python folder, there’s a file. Run that program and give commands ‘i’ to move forward and ‘k’ to move back and ‘x’ to stop. Can you try this and tell us if the GoPiGo behaves any better.