Motors not working properly

Hi everybody,
We’ve had the robot for about six months, and so far it has worked properly, but now we have the right a motor working faster than the left motor. We don’t know how to solve it and we have a presentation in a few days.
Thanks in advanced

Hello faaraujo,

First, I would check that the wheel isn’t rubbing against the side of the GoPiGo. You should be careful that’s it’s spaced away from the body. It woul dbe safe to pull it off, and slide back on, careful to space it away from the body.

If that doesn’t work, you can use the trim function in Python to set the motor differential by slight amounts to correct any straight line problems.


Thanks for the fast answer. How could we change the speed on the browser streaming example? We’ve tried to change it at the at the option speed_l
Speed_r bit it doesn’t change
What should we do?

You can set the gopigo.set_speed(speed) to set the speed between 0-255 in the example .