Motors sound like they are breaking when moved 180 degrees

I got the pivotpi and the servos can’t go higher than 165 degrees for the small ones and 170 for t large servos. When I tell them to go 180 degrees, I hear the gears grinding and snapping and quickly unplug the battery! I have physical ly with my hand turned the aurvos, and try turn a little bit over 180 degrees, so what’s going on?

I connecting the pivotpi directly to the RPi, not to the grovepi.

Any help would be appreciated, if not that’s OK.

Not my area of expertise by far, but my experience has been that some motors don’t quite reach 180. It’s in the built of the motor. I have a few that stop at 170. Maybe someone else has better input?

Thanks, just glad to know I’m not doing something wrong. It is odd that they physically turn 180+ degrees, if done by hand. But whatever 165 degrees is fine! Thanks! :slight_smile: