Motors start then stop on fwd()[SOLVED]

Hi, I have a GoPiGo version 1 (no red velcro strap over battery pack) purchased about a year ago that I finally got around to trying to set trim.

I followed the instructions on this page: to update the firmware (looks like it pulled v1.6) and also updated the library as described. Both those scripts ran just fine.

However, now when I run and give the ‘w’ to move forward, the robot only moves a few centimeters, then stops without my pressing ‘x’. Same with backwards.

Any ideas? Is the GoPiGo version 1 able to run firmware v1.6? Is there a way for me to flash back to an old firmware version to try that?


Hey Alan,

The GPG1 should be able to run the latest firmware. Can you try to update it again; do you get any error messages when you do? Also, are you disconnecting the motors when you run the update?


John, thanks for the quick response, and on a weekend no less!

Glad to hear the update should work on both GoPiGo versions.

Yep, I always disconnect the motors before an update. I did that again, as you suggested, and the process completed without errors. I also put a brand new set of batteries in, just to rule that out as a possibility. and now seem to function normally, so I think I’m good. I’ll let you know if I run into any more roadblocks.

Thanks again!

So glad to hear that the problem is solved! Excellent!