Mount camera and ultrasonic sensor?

I have the servo package, the camera, and an ultrasonic sensor. I’d like to install both on the GoPiGo. Obviously I can mount one of them to the servo. How can I mount the other one? Is it possible to screw both camera and sensor into the servo mount?

I should also mention that I would prefer to mount the camera on the servo so the camera can move to better view something. However, there doesn’t appear to be a way to mount the uss without mounting it to the servo.

Any experience with the camera? Does it need that freedom of movement?

The servo package is designed to hold only one, I don’t think there’s a way you can get the camera and US sensor on the servo together. However, there may be a creative way to get both on.

I would recommend putting the Camera on the servo, and the servo on the upper canopy of the GoPiGo, and the US on the lower version (so yo’re not blocking the US with the servo). That should do it.

To mount the US, you can use short wires, and zip ties. Those are probably your best options, and tie the sensor into the holes we have on the GoPiGo acrylic case.