Multiple users

Is it possible to create multiple accounts on the GoPiGo so that students can login & create their programs concurrently.

You can add multiple users to the GoPiGo so that each of them has a different account and can work on it concurrently. We have not tested this but it should work. Follow the guides here: or here: to add new users. The next time when then connect via SSH or VNC, make sure that they login via their accounts. The big limitation here might be that the Raspberry Pi might not be able to handle a lot of users and you can only run 1 GoPiGo program at a time.

Do try this out and let us know how it goes.


Yep - works fine - students ssh to gopigo from their ChromeBooks and create/edit/run Python programs as required.

Great to hear. Karan, thanks for solving this.

Brian, how has your experience with Chromebooks been with the Pi? Any special tricks or hurdles vs using with a Mac or PC?

ChromeBooks work very well. Just installed a ssh program from the Google Store, then 4 x Year 6 students logged in to the GoPiGo with their individual codes & away they went. Were on the same wi-fi network as the car - a small Xirrus array > robo-net.

That’s awesome to hear Brian! Thanks for letting us know!