My Guide to Posting Questions. [UNOFFICIAL]

So I noticed that alot of users ask questions bit don’t give the necessary information for others to help. The goal of me writing this is to show a guideline of how to post a question with the right info. Note this is unofficial, I am not a moderator. This is merely a suggestion to help yourself get the problem solved quicker.

So first is an example of a bad question:
I got my new gopigo, the motor doesn’t turn help.

Reading this I would be clueless of what’s wrong. In order to help this user I need to know more. I would recomend adding this I to to your topic:

  1. The problem in as much detail you can describe, in reason. Include any error messages, pictures whatever.
  2. Are you using raspbian for robots? This is a very important question, because the software may not work on different OS’s.
  3. Code. Show the code or what example you were using. That way we can see if your code is buggy.

If you follow those steps other forum users won’t have to ask you those questions, which they will if you don’t provide the info.

Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

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Thank you for this post. I am brand new to this concept and not sure how to start a post? I am trying to run my gopigo2 kit with a raspberry pi 3 and not having luck? I am not sure who to read the GoPiGo board to tell you what model it is but it is the one with the side switch that you push forward. I also have a GoPiGo3 that has a board with a push in on/off switch and i do not have issues with this robot. Only the model 2 with the push forward on/off switch on the GoPiGo red board. Can anyone help me?

hello @iluvcodingrobots

Could you tell us which OS you’re using, is it Raspbian for Robots or DexterOS?
And also which language you’re trying to code in?


I think it is DexterOS but how do I tell?

It says that if you received the card from Dexter that it is already programmed for the GrovePi

Ok, I researched this question and I have a velcro strap, so it is a GoPiGo 2, with the red board on the bottom. It is Dexter OS and so far when some of the robots are working we are using the block coding.

I am new at this forum concept but I did try to answer there. I do know how to email so let’s go with this too!

So I looked into your question and I believe we are using the Dexter OS and the block coding when it is working. It is a GoPiGo2 as the raspberry pi is on top and there is a red Velcro piece holding the battery pack in place.