Need a driver for tp-link usb dongle Archer T2U

Just trying to get started with GoPiGo3. I tried using is with a long ethernet cable but that is not really practical. It clearly needs to be used with a wifi dongle so I nipped to the shops and bought one. Its a TP-Link Arch T2U. I have installed the latest copy of Raspbian For Robots but it does not seem to have a driver for it. I found a driver online here: and copied it onto the raspbian disk but it doesn’t build. What should I do now? Do I need the header files in order to build the software? The makefile looks in /lib/modules/4.14.34-v7+/build but that directory does not exist.

What version of Raspberry Pi are you using? RPi 3 and later have WiFi built in (with stable drivers in Raspbian and probably every other RPi OS).

I downloaded

Okay, but what version of Raspberry Pi hardware do you have? Is it a RPi B+? 2B? 3B? 3B+? It should say on the box it came in (if you still have it), otherwise you could post a couple pictures of the Raspberry Pi board so I can visually identify it.

Oh right. The box says its a Raspberry Pi 2, Model B.

Being a RPi 2, it does not have built-in WiFi, so you will need to use a USB WiFi dongle (as you assumed). I recommend using up one that is already supported in Raspbian, such as this one or one of these: 1, 2, 3.