Need advanced robotics for RPI that do most of the job

Hi there, as promised here I will ask you guys about 3 components I need for my system with one important consideration: most of the job must be done but these components, that means, rpi ideally is NOT using magnetic switches to control to limits of movement, distances, etc… most likely industrial devices:

  1. A circular stepper servo with homing knowing “position zero” features to accurately visit 6 sectors on this hexagon of 1 meter of diameter (Sin-t-tulo — ImgBB) and knowing how to go back at position 1 (e.g., if electricity is cut off)

  2. A trap door to drop an item (go down) and then go up (then it is mechanically stucked, not using the servo to keep the tray up)

  3. A sliding left-right and right-left door that also does it knowing the limits

ALL the following should be connected with one/combining the following options:
A) RPI Grove i2C ports (3 free)
B) RPI GPIO ports (many free)
C) RPI Grovepi Grove - I2C Motor Driver (L298P) (Grove - I2C Motor Driver (L298P) - Seeed Wiki) (using one i2c port)

Can you help me out? I have seen some webs but it is kinda hard to find out the devices…


Can you tell us where you are located and what this is for?  (i.e. What kind of industrial environment it will be in?)

This will help me:

  • Determine what resources might be available.

  • Determine what options are most appropriate for what you want to do.  (i.e. Coal or mineral handling will require a different solution than pharmaceuticals, which is different than fresh fruit, which is different than a beer bottling plant, etc.)


Thanks for the reply, this is a prototype in a Spanish university environment (no extreme conditions foreseen), money (resources) is not a problem hehe.

It will move in that hexagon lightweight items to drop and return to position zero without special needs of sanitation or heavy weight like minerals etc

The point of this post is finding the most likely “plug and go” solution without much workarounds in the RPI like sending a command for sector 3, sector zero (position zero), command to drop item by the trap door, command to go up the trap door, command to open/close the sliding door…

In other words, I prefer paying more for solutions integrating that with ease , but so far no luck at all…


(Spanish below)
(Español(a) abajo)


All this is good, but why are you being so secretive?

Based on what you are saying so far, I am assuming that this is some kind of university project in one of many Spanish speaking countries.

In order for me to give you the best advice possible, I need to know what you are being asked to do with precision and I need to know what the specific requirements are.

Both I and others here have worked with University students and their robotics projects in the past:

  • One student needed a mobile robot that could navagate a delineated pathway, avoid obstacles, and obey traffic lights.

  • Another student needed to make a robot that could find a “fire”, (a tea-lamp), and then sqirt water at it.

We won’t do the work for you, (if your professors are worried), but we will help by suggesting possible solutions or paths of research to follow.

In order to help, I (hardware), and others (software), need a much greater level of detail than you are giving us.

Please help us help you by being more specific.




Todo esto es bueno, pero ¿por qué eres tan reservado?

Con base en lo que dice hasta ahora, asumo que se trata de algún tipo de proyecto universitario en uno de los muchos países de habla hispana.

Para poder brindarle el mejor consejo posible, necesito saber qué se le pide que haga con precisión y necesito saber cuáles son los requisitos específicos.

Tanto yo como otros aquí hemos trabajado con estudiantes universitarios y sus proyectos de robótica en el pasado:

  • Un estudiante necesitaba un robot móvil que pudiera navegar por un camino delineado, evitar obstáculos y obedecer los semáforos.

  • Otro estudiante necesitaba hacer un robot que pudiera encontrar un “fuego” (una lámpara de té) y luego arrojarle agua.

Nosotros no haremos el trabajo por ti (si tus profesores están preocupados), pero te ayudaremos sugiriendo posibles soluciones o caminos de investigación a seguir.

Para ayudar, yo (hardware) y otros (software) necesitamos un nivel de detalle mucho mayor que el que nos está dando.

Por favor, ayúdenos a ayudarle siendo más específico.


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hi, it is not a school assignment and I believe there is sufficient info already to provide some devices. If none can help I may ask in Fiverr :slight_smile:

Thanks for your support


Perhaps, but we don’t know what you know about this project and it’s requirements and unfortunately we can’t read minds. :wink:

What I am asking is that we be given enough detail to give you our best advice because when it comes to projects like this, I don’t like guessing and neither do my colleagues.

The hints, (not real information, just hints), you have given us have a number of potential solutions depending on what you want to do, where, and how.

As far as where you can, (or should), ask - that’s entirely up to you. Just be advised that many forums get really nasty if you give them vague questions like this - the various Stack Exchange forums being prime examples. Other engineering forums I have visited have very little patience with this kind of vague question too.

If you feel comfortable discussing this with us in greater detail, then we will do whatever we can to help.

If you decide to take your question somewhere else, that’s fine too - no hard feelings - we wish you the best of luck and will be willing to help you with whatever you may need in the future.

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Thanks for the reply. I will paste what I asked in Fiverr so the person behind is able to provide a reply so you should be able also: Sin-t-tulo — ImgBB



In the end will be using this parallax 360 servo
(Parallax Feedback 360° High Speed Servo - Parallax) ?

and x2 motorized antennas for the trap/slide doors like here Raspberry Pi cat flap project: RPi 3 BLE Bluetooth tag-sensing motorised pet door — The MagPi magazine

Another choice are smart servos but probably the grovepi controller wont work

Isn’t it incredible these components are not for buying? here is an uncovered market niche example lol