.NET Core Support

First things first: I am not talking about Windows 10 IoT Core with Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps.

Is it possible to create a .NET Core application that talks to GrovePi and can be deployed to Raspbian (with the .NET Core Runtime installed)? I can’t reference the GrovePi Nuget package in a .NET Core project.

That would be awesome. There is library dotnet IOT GPIO on GitHub, which seems the perfect place. Check also devices here.

Hello @cof.matjaz

dotNet support is indeed available now!
Microsoft has added the GrovePi, the GoPiGo3 and and BrickPi3 to their list of supported devices

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This is awesome. Now all my dreams can come true. :grinning:


Happy I made your dreams come true :slight_smile: Please don’t hesitate to open issues on the .NET Core IoT repo if you have any issue. Feedbacks welcome as well.

Nice seeing you here @laurent :smile: