Never Trust A Robot To Tell You The Weather

I’m trying to teach my GoPiGo3 robot Carl to give me a “weather report”.

Yesterday Carl said it was “cloudy” when there were no clouds in sight.

This morning Carl said “extreme rain” when the radar doesn’t show a rain cloud within 400 miles.

(Learning how to parse JSON reports)

But then again they say if you don’t like the weather wait 15 minutes.

I just checked again and Carl now says “clear sky” so I guess I shouldn’t trust a robot to tell me the weather.


I’m pretty sure Carl is 100% correct about the weather. It’s just that he’s not 100% about YOUR weather :slight_smile:
In all seriousness - are you sure which wx reports he’s pulling down?

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They offer two free APIs, a current wx, and a detailed minute, hour, 16 day thing that looks like a bad case of TMI!

The example I found only extracted temperature and humidity. I,m learning all the other things on my own.

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This project was done with the GrovePi and Wunderground . Different API but maybe it will fill your needs?


Thanks for the pointer.

I already have a wunderground account but never registered my station.

Generated a key ok, but it seems the API may have changed.

I’ll have to investigate more.


Ah - so you send your location as part of the API call. That’s really what I was wondering - whether you specified the location or it was being inferred some how (e.g. from your IP address).


Yes - for the current weather, I send zipcode:


and for the forecast api, I send a lat/lon: