New BrickPi3 Test or any python program fail


I just bought a brickpi3 with the box for my raspberry pi 3 with rasbian OS. I connected the hardware together, downloaded the python from the github as instructed, performed the install, and then when I try to run the or any py file, and they fail on the same line
File “”, line 18, in
import brickpi3 # import the BrickPi3 drivers
File “build/bdist.linux-armv7l/egg/”, line 20, in
IOError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory

so the initialization fails on the spi open(0,1).
the boot/config.txt has the dtparam sets to spi.
I could not find working solution in the forum.


I’m not quite sure of the cause. Can I suggest using raspbian for robots? It should work with your brickpi3 out of the box. Have you tried running the setup file in BrickPi3/Software/Python/ ?


Hi @jerome.boyer,

Can you navigate to your BrickPi3/Software/Python folder and run this command sudo python install, this should fix your issue.



Thank you for the answers: so sudo python install did not make it. Installing the Raspbian for Robots helped and now it is working. I also upgraded Raspbian version and it seems to continue working.
I also manage to understand it is important to power the BrickPi3 with 10V and not the Raspberry PI which does not deliver enough power to the BrickPi3.
Now the fun starts…


Hi @jerome.boyer,

Glad that you have your BrickPi3 working. Enjoy your BrickPi3.