New dGPS needed?

I am an happy user of the dGPS, integrated into a LegoTechnic crossover car using the Next-G software.
I have purchased the dGPS nearly 2 years ago.
Do I have to purchase a new dGPS in view of using the future Galileo GPS signals or the Dexter dGPS firmware will be updated ?
If YES, do you plan to have a “Galileo” compatible device available ?

Hey Helibel, I had to look up the Galileo. Being an America, I had no idea this was going on, but good for Europe!

I don’t think the dGPS will be able to use these signals unfortunately. And I’m not sure if the chipset would even be able to use it. There’s technically a way to upgrade the firmware from the manufacturer, but it requires some tools I believe.

I’ll try to keep an eye on Galileo, thanks for bringing it up! And we’re glad to hear you’re a happy user of the dGPS!

Hi John,
Nice to hear about you since many months. A lot of my friends were really amazed about the performance of the Dexter dGPS module and the project realization.
If I remember correctly… (there are so many “John” in the US), but I have absolutely appreciated the help of one super guy at Dexter who’s name was John.
Was it yourself ???

So, my friend, Europe is waiting to get after 20 years discussions and development their own GPS called Galileo. It looks like that precision will be remarkable…Around one meter, they say… First app’s will run mid 2016. So, I thought it was good time for your company to have a look to the specs and prepare yourself to be the first (again !) to provide the adequate module. As far as I have read news about Galileo, quite a lot of tech specs are already available and developpers may sign in to ESA (European Space Agency) to get even more insides. But you have to be registered as usually and provide some references.
In the Galileo “set-up”, there will be com bridges between the US GPS and Galileo in order to serve as a back-up for each other in case of… I understand that some Galileo frequencies (Open Services) will be available for the US as well .
By the way, I provide a URL that gives you already some flavours about Galileo. I sincerely hope, I which all the best for you and the Dexter organisation.
I remain an enthousiast and trustfull fan of your products.
Nice to hear you again on my PM. Please to hear you again.


There are quite a lot of other URL’s with various subject matters on this introductory page. Bye !

I am the only guy at Dexter Industries with that name so far, so probably was me. Nice to hear from you again, I’m glad i was helpful!!

Thanks so much for the information about Galileo, that’s awesome!