New GoPiGo circuit board - possible power problem

I just began assembly of my newly received GoPiGo kit and have come across a potential problem. I am in the step “9. Attach Connect Power and Test” from the “Assemble the GoPiGo” web page. After using the power adapter to connect the battery box with 8 AA batteries to the circuit board, I flip the switch to ON. The LED only then turns on if I also push down gently on the power switch, pressing it towards the rest of the circuit board. As soon as I release the switch, keeping it in the ON position, the LED turns off.

I’m guessing that there is a loose connection somewhere in the switch, and that I’m closing that connection when I push down. Is this going to be problem for more than just the LED? Do I need to have my circuit board replaced?

Thanks in advance for your help.

It sounds like you have a loose power switch. We will arrange a replacement. Can you contact us here:

We’ll arrange a replacement and possibly try to get the defective unit back.

I’m really sorry about this! We have seen this problem once before, and we have plans to find a better supplier of switches.

Thanks very much. I just sent in a request for the replacement board using the link in your response.

Our team is awesome and will respond back immediately. I’m sorry about the issue though!