New GoPiGo3 ROSbot Is A Speed Demon

First driving tests on the new GoPiGo3 show speed demon potential.

Max Translational Speed:

  • Carl: 7.7 in/s at 360+ DPS
  • ROSbot: 10 in/s at 440+ DPS
  • TurtleBot Burger: 8.7 in/s (0.22m/s)

BUT To maximize turn accuracy, I have designed ROSbot with the center of gravity about 1.25 inches behind the driving wheels. This puts 75% of the weight on the driving wheels, and only 25% on the (Pololu Plastic 3/4") castor ball. (I also use 150 DPS to maximize drive and turn accuracy.)

To allow the more forward battery position, and to allow ROSbot to have “character”, I have added two additional layers which raise the center of mass. This higher center of mass requires ROSbot to adhere to a 150 DPS max speed limit for normal operation, or employ acceleration/deceleration control for higher speed excursions. TBD: Face-plant avoidance drive() routines.

ROSbot Translation Spec:

  • 2.7 in/sec at 120 DPS
  • 3.4 in/sec 86.4mm/s at 150 DPS
  • 6.7x in/sec at 300 DPS (default)
  • 10 in/sec at 440 DPS (max)
  • +/- 0.1% drive to drive distance accuracy - 1/16 inch in 60 inch travel
  • Notes:
    • 300 DPS in reverse will cause starting face-plant
    • 440 DPS forward will cause stopping face-plant
    • (Heading is not maintained accurately with drive commands)