New Idea - Interaction project between two bots

Hello Community

We have one Gopigo and we had a lot of fun with my kids. Therefore i’d like to have another product to interact with. I was interested by a Brick pi but buying a Brick pi and a Lego Mindstorm is very expensive for me. I was looking eventually at buying another GoPiGO but wondering if i can find some project to be able to set up a communication between them.
I’d like to dig these kind of interaction possibilities …
Any idea for me ?

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Hi @gopigoben,

How old are your kids? The GiggleBot or PivotPi could be a fun next robot. We also offer the GoBox Subscription, which is a monthly delivery of a new piece of hardware for your GoPiGo with a corresponding mission.

There’s also a collection of ideas and challenges in our GoLabs page:

Talk with you soon,

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