New Idea - Interaction project between two bots

Hello Community

We have one Gopigo and we had a lot of fun with my kids. Therefore i’d like to have another product to interact with. I was interested by a Brick pi but buying a Brick pi and a Lego Mindstorm is very expensive for me. I was looking eventually at buying another GoPiGO but wondering if i can find some project to be able to set up a communication between them.
I’d like to dig these kind of interaction possibilities …
Any idea for me ?

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Hi @gopigoben,

How old are your kids? The GiggleBot or PivotPi could be a fun next robot. We also offer the GoBox Subscription, which is a monthly delivery of a new piece of hardware for your GoPiGo with a corresponding mission.

There’s also a collection of ideas and challenges in our GoLabs page:

Talk with you soon,

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Not for nothing, but that’s expensive for anyone, except for (maybe) Bill Gates!

I’m curious about how this gets on and what progress you might make.

Please post updates.

Hi Mitch

Sorry i thought i already answered but seems that it never went through. Better late than never. My kids are 11 and 12 and thanks for your answered. GiggleBot sounds fun. Our project actually is to have another bot for basic communication. For instance BOT 2 do a specific action triggered by an action of BOT 1. I don’t know if such project exist with an API for instance on each BOT. Do you think it’s doable, in this case i may just buy another GoPigo maybe the GiggleBot … Let me know your thought. Thanks

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Hello jimrh

Still under reflection. as explained above we want with my kids to start a project of two bot communicating ( maybe through an API ). That’s why, i’m asking the community if similar project exist already. But yeah, once i made progress on this project, the awesome Dexter community will be the first updated :slight_smile: Take care

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One bot communicating with another? Sounds like the Furby toy from the 80’s!

Seriously, I don’t think this has ever been done with the GoPiGo - what an interesting idea!

How much robotics experience do you and your daughters have? This kind of project isn’t trivial for experienced robot developers.

Of course, I also have the habit of “biting off more than I can chew” too and get in over my head. :wink:

One possibility is the GiggleBot, as crazy as it sounds. Why? The GiggleBot uses the micro:bit and there are already micro:bit to micro:bit libraries in place.

The down-side is that the micro:bit/GiggleBot isn’t as interactive as the GoPiGo. You code on an external system, download to the 'bot, let it run and see what happens.

One tip that is especially valuable with the GiggleBot is to make the “on start-up” method wait for a button press before starting the main program. This gives you a chance to put the 'bot down before it starts running around.

Another tip is to program the LED’s to indicate what the 'bot thinks it’s doing as it makes debugging much easier.

Can we have a GiggleBot category and tag here?