New Operating System Raspbian For Robots Cinch

We’re testing a new operating system for the educational community. For now, we’re calling it “cinch”. The idea is to make it much easier to setup and connect to the Raspberry Pi Robot. You can see more here.

Cinch puts up a wifi network called “dex” that can be connected to directly over wifi, no network setup needed. Simply login to the SSID, and in your browser connect to “”.

Cinch can be used for Chromebooks with the Raspberry Pi, and for the Raspberry Pi Zero!

See the instructions for how to get setup with Cinch and more detailed instructions on how to use Cinch here.

Cinch can be downloaded here.

Is there a reason why built in wifi is disabled on Pi 3 on the cinch flavor?

Simplicity for the user, and ease of trouble-shooting for those of us helping customers out. We want to be able to provide the same experience, and understand exactly what’s going on, for every customer no matter the board they’re using. Best John

Awesome thanks John that makes sense, I enabled and looked at the setup and didn’t see anything so just wanted to make sure!

Will cinch be available for the Pi 3 using the integrated wifi instead of the wifi dongle currently used in cinch?

Hi @softpi it may in the future be available.

I’m converting both my BrickPi’s with Cinch at present… I’m updating the software right now and everything is going smoothly. I do have a concern, should I update the firmware? One of my BrickPi is a kickstarter and the other is a 2nd generation. Are my BrickPi’s able to undergo a firmware upgrade?

Hey @borgimplant your two BrickPi’s will not be field-upgradable through the Raspbian for Robots software unfortunately; that feature was not introduced until BrickPi3.

Thank you for responding… my BrickPi’s are also having issues with Cinch too. The SD card seems to get corrupted after a few reboots. I may be just bite the bullet and get the 3.