New Raspbian for Robots?


I received an email that seems to indicate a new version of Raspbian for Robots.

Our engineers have been hard at work completely redoing our software, Raspbian for Robots. We made it easier to get started, find your way around, and get coding quicker!

I’m wondering if there is a list of new or improved features and maybe changelist aside from having to dig through github. Also, is there a list of released versions and their major changes I could peruse?


Hey casten,

We don’t have a huge changelist established, I’m sorry. I can give you the major updates though if you tell me what version you’re running right now. We added a whole lot to the 2015.11 version; I just released a 2016.01 version, and it had some minor updates (all of which can be made by just running software update on the 2015.11 version).