New Robot, Old Software, Same Confused Robot

Having the LIDAR now accessible and the GoPiGo3 API working from inside the ROS 2 Humble Docker container, it became time to try out the ROS 2 “Wanderer Explorer” program I wrote for Humble Dave on the new Raspberry Pi 5 powered GoPi5Go-Dave.

GoPi5Go-Dave didn’t narrate his adventure (TTS probably using wrong device number), but he did manage to wander for 15 minutes without hitting a wall. That is until he got confused, just like Humble Dave did.

New Robot. Old Software. Same Confusion.

Test Results:

  • Wandering (think, sense, move): 8W (3h playtime estimate)
  • YOGA (meditation):
    • 7.2W 3.4h playtime (measured)
    • 750MB memory used
    • 8% Processor (5m uptime load 0.32)

Forgot to measure processor load and memory usage while wandering. Next time while trying new logic.


The definition of insanity:

Doing the same thing over and over expecting different results.

And no, I’ve never claimed to be sane! :rofl:

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