New, safe, rechargeable power source?

Building on earlier discussions on what batteries to use. . . .

One of the big objections to lithium technology is the potential flammability of the components.

Here’s another high-density power source:
Fe-Ni with a gypsum electrolyte!

Introducing: The Concrete Battery!

Totally non-flammable, unless you’re keeping jugs of chlorine tri-flouride laying around. (And if you are, lithium ion batteries are the least of your worries.)

Think of the possibilities! Your entire poured concrete basement can be used to run your house!

Sounds totally wacky and it would make the center of gravity of the GoPiGo very low, (not to mention needing bigger motors!), but it’s an interesting idea.

Well, they said the Wright brothers were stone-cold crazy too. . .