New software toolbox for GrovePi


Hello everyone,

We are launching a new software platform (called 3TwoOne) for developing Internet-of-Things (IoT) applications with GrovePi.
It has a graphical interface where you can simply drag-n-drop blocks and connect them to develop applications.
You can also remotely deploy the code to your rPi.
It’s very easy. No need for line-by-line programming.

Please see the video on the website.

The tool is free.
If you would like to get started, please follow the quick start guide tailored for GrovePi
Let me know if you have any problems.
You can also request a free 10-15 mins demo.

We are still in Beta version and
any feedback is highly appreciated.

Have fun :slight_smile:



That looks super nice! :slight_smile:


Hey guys, just wanted to check and see how things were going with 321?


We did not get much response from GrovePi forum. Is this the right thread/place to post.

As an update, 3TwoOne ( is collaborating with (
This will allow GrovePi users to Drag-n-Drop webservices such as Facebook, Dropbox, send SMS, and many more see “Flow” from
This collaboration will allows user to develop powerful Internet-of-things applications.

Let us know what you think :slight_smile:


Hi, I requested this morning a demo. But I did not receive a conformation email or something.

I would like to experiment with it in combination with my Grove Pi.

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