New to GoBox, Network issues and Mission One


I received my GoBox few weeks back and just opened it yesterday. I directly connected GoBox with the monitor and keyboard. When setting the network, it showed me two adapters, one say wlan:0 and other one wlan:1. Which n/w I need to setup?

I was able to run the GoBox from the desktop link, where it went backwards. I am sorry, I was not able to find the steps after that. Can someone please point me to the steps on what to do next as well as the python programming to make the GoBox work, also any tutorials to python programming for the GoBox.



Can anyone please help?


Sorry. Probably no one posted because its around Easter.

Anyways It sounds like you have a WiFi dongle plugged in. I would reccomend using the built in wifi. To do that just unplug the WiFi dongle and select the adapter. (Should be wlan0) If for some reason you want to use t WiFi dongle select wlan1. Both will work. I just reccomend not using the WiFi dongle.


Hi @jindala,

Adding onto @graykevinb post, the instructions to get started with GoBox are here. If you have already followed these, then brief instructions to use your GoBox missions are available here. Also Check out this link to get started with Python.

Please let us know if this helps,


Thanks, I will try these today and will post back the results.