New to the GoPiGO and already have a Raspberry Pi3 ... HELP

Good afternoon … I am new to the Go Pi Go and am trying to figure out how to get the software on my already existing Raspberry Pi 3 … I only see instructions for loading the Raspiban for Robots software from scratch and, unless I am missing something obvious, I do not see how to load the your software onto an already existing Raspbian operating system … I do not want to blow away all the work I have done with the PI already and all the software I have installed … how do I get just what I need to install on my already existing system … is this possible ?

Thank you
Ron Allen

Hi Ron,
If you are using your own SD card, make sure that your Pi has internet connectivity. Once you are connected to internet, follow Options 2 and 3 from here to set up your SD card.

Do let us know if it works for you.