New Version Of RPi Imager Released 1.8.1

Just discovered the Raspberry Pi Imager has a new version available v 1.8.1 at



  • Advanced options: Rename to OS customization
  • OS customization: change to tabbed UI
  • OS customization: make SSH public key field a textarea
  • OS customization: add convenience button to run ssh-keygen
  • OS customization: Enforce choice as part of write flow
  • OS customization: Fixes for state consistency across UI
  • Home: Add mechanism for selecting Raspberry Pi device
  • Shared: Multiple keyboard focus fixes
  • i18n: Adds Spanish/Ukrainian translations
  • i18n: Updates French, Catalan, Italian, German, Spanish, Russian,
    Japanese translations
  • i18n: Use en_US as reference string, and make en_GB a translation
  • Linux: Workaround for ArchLinux’s lsblk labeling internal SD card readers
    (mmcblk0) as non-removable storage.
  • Allow drag-dropping image files to Imager.
  • Local .xz files: parse uncompressed size for better progress reports.
  • Windows: fix .zst support

Ubuntu version

Minimum supported Ubuntu version is now 22.04

Mac version

Minimum supported Mac OS X version that works out-of-the-box (without patching system files for TLS) is now 10.15 (Catalina).


I’ve never tried imaging from my Ubuntu system, but choosing only the latest Long Term Supported Ubuntu as the minimum is very limiting. (My only 22.04 system is Dave running the ROS 2 Humble image.)


Nice! Thanks @cyclicalobsessive!

I just upgraded and the look is indeed different. There is an extra button “CHOOSE DEVICE” button (compared to v1.7.5) that asks you what Raspi you have. Hopefully they are using this info to avoid writing images that are not compatible with your Raspi and not just doing Raspin demographics.

As indicated above, Advanced Options is now called “OS Customization” and access to it is gain via the workflow driven by the new “Next” button (the " Enforce choice" mentioned above), where you are asked if you want to do customization.


The “OS Customization” has only a bit new (see above about the button to run SSH-KEYGEN) compared to the Advanced Options and the layout is nicer (IMO) with “General”, “Services” and “Options” tabs.

One thing I miss is the ability to default Advanced Options aka “OS Customization” to “this session only” or to “make permanent”. The new “equivalent” appears to be the “NO, CLEAR SETTINGS” button (see above). Seems to easy to wipe out customizations to me…

The “Write” button is gone ( :disappointed_relieved:). Instead, clicking the “YES” or the “NO” button in the “Use OS customization?” dialog will provide the warning dialog originally found after clicking the Write button

Would have preferred an explicit intermediate step that says something like "Click “WRITE to begin or BACK to back up” (or some such…).