Newbie question: upload to GoPiGo from flash drive?

I just received my class set of GoPiGo3s. We start building tomorrow.

The bad news: the classroom Windows 10 machines were spec’d WITHOUT wifi. So we can’t use DexterOS to connect wirelessly. The PCs are locked down and access to settings is very limited so I am being creative in solutions.

I would welcome any help sorting out options and ideas for workarounds:

  1. purchase Raspian for Robots and an ethernet connection.
  2. use FIleZilla to FTP files over to the robot.
  3. can I transfer via USB?
  4. can I transfer via flash drive?

Anything I am missing? Thanks in advance, Rod

Hello @rpmteacher

Do the computers have access to the Internet? And are you planning on using DexterOS ?

We do have where the students can code for their robot. It will allow them to download the file onto the computer and then on a USB drive.
The USB drive can be plugged into the robot.

The issue here is how to start the program running. If there’s a cell phone or a tablet with wifi that can connect to the robot, it’s all that’s needed to start the program.

You may want to try adding wifi dongles to the computers. As you do not need to connect to the internet via the wifi dongle, maybe, just maybe, you’ll be able to work around the limitations. If that works, it’s your better option.


Thank you for the helpful information. I’m going the wifi dongle route to start and then will go from there.

The computers doe have access to the Internet. I was hoping to code in IDLE and upload to the robot but that may not work.

DexterOS comes pre-installed with JupyterLab and Jupyter Notebooks for Python coding.

If you prefer Idle, I would suggest going with Raspbian for Robots. Through VNC, you will be able to use the Idle editor that’s right on the robot, via Wifi. Works just fine.

I hope you will be able to get a functional wifi on those computers. Mine usually runs 3, one for the Internet, and two for robots.