No Ethernet Lights - Mac

I saw somebody with a similar problem to mine and it was marked solved - however this person was on a PC and I am on a mac. Their solution was bonjour wasn’t properly installed - that shouldn’t be possible with a mac should it?

when I power on the pi it behaves as if there is no SD card inserted (solid red and green on board) ethernet lights never come on. I only own macs but I have attempted to do this with two different raspberry Pi’s and two different macs and I get the same result.

I have mad sure the SD card is properly seated, I have made sure the ethernet cable is correctly connected. I have not attempted to reimage the card because it didn’t seem to work on the other post but I think I could figure out how to do that if I had to.

Please help…

The image on the SD card is labeled as “Rasbian for Robots 2015.11.09”

I am downloading the image and I am going to attempt to reimage the sd card.

Hey Josh,

So, just to confirm, you’ve powered up the Pi with the sd card in it, using the 2A USB power supply, and the Pi connected to the Mac with ethernet. The ACT and PWR lights on the Pi are solid and never blink, and the ethernet lights never come on.

It sounds like you have a corrupted SD card. You have two options, as far as we can tell at this point:
1). Send it back for a replacement. We’ll send you a replacement. In this batch of SD cards we’ve seen some folks have troubles or receive blank cards. Our fault, we’ll make it right.
2). If you’re more adventurous or need this in a hurry, you can follow our tutorial for downloading the software and reinstalling it on the 8GB SD card. We have a youtube video and written instructions here:

I’m really sorry we shipped you a problematic SD Card and again, if you’re not up for step 2, no problem, let me know and we’ll work to get you a replacement asap.


I attempted to follow the instructions to reimage the disk but it keeps giving me a permission denied error. I think something may be wrong with that card.

Could you please ship me a new card?

I will be out of town until monday.


No problem, we’ll make this right!