No Pingon Gopio

Myso and I just finished putting our gopigo together and we can not ping. Initally we did not get LEDs on the ethernet card so I checked the SD card and it wa sblank. I installed the image as per the instructions on your site and that went OK. Now we have LED lights on the ethernet cable but are still unable to ping. Red light is on for the green board. I can see DEX on my network when checking my network but it will not ping? Any thoughts

Hey Kabuto, first, I’m sorry to hear about the blank SD card.

Are you using a Mac or PC? Is DHCP turned on / automatic IP address?

I am using a PC (laptop) with windows vista. It looks like the system is setup to get Ip addrsses automatically.

Just to confirm, you have Bonjour installed on the PC, correct?

Kabuto, can you try turning off wifi on your PC, and removing the wifi dongle from your Raspberry Pi? After that, while still connected over ethernet, can you try ping dex.local again?