No Sensors working

None of my sensors are working; when tested, they either return 0 or ERROR, or do nothing (by the python scripts provided already). The motors, camera and servo work fine, and I’ve tested all of the sensors each without the others connected (on all four positions). When the ultrasonic sensor is plugged into the upper-left port, it returns 680cm constantly; otherwise, it returns zero (in any other port). When I connect the buzzer to either of the plugs on the right side (from the front), it emits a continuous high-pitch frequency; other than that (and that seems like a bad thing?), none of the sensors are working: sound sensor, buzzer, nor ultrasonic sensor.

I have updated everything, still nothing. Is this board possibly faulty? And if so, am I able to get a replacement for the faulty part (it arrived in the mail yesterday) without buying another one?


Are you using the latest DI Image Raspbian for Robots? If you’re using an SD card we sent you, what date is on it?
Which programs are you running to test the sensors? What language are you trying them in?

Can you run and post results from a hardware test. Generate a Test Log With the Troubleshoot Script: