No SPI response - not able to run EV3 motor

I am not able to run the EV3 motor. I am trying to diagnose what the issue is. My current hypothesis is - No SPI response is making the Brickpi unusable.

(1) I updated DI software using curl -kL | bash
(2) I updated Brickpi3 firmware using sudo bash /home/pi/Dexter/BrickPi3/Firmware/ (attached output)
(3) I get no SPI response

Can someone help with additional diagnostics? This is also a follow up to Batteries overheating. I wonder if the BrickPi is damaged.

firmware_update_log.txt (2.0 KB)

Which version of Raspberry Pi are you using? 2B, 3B, 3B+, or something else? This probably isn’t relevant, but not all software and scripts have been tested on every possible combination of hardware. Knowing the RPi version could help investigate the problem.

Based on the log file you shared, the firmware was not successfully written. You could try flashing the firmware again, as the process is sometimes finicky.

Am I correct in assuming that “No SPI response” makes the Brickpi motor ports (MA, MB, …) unusable?

Yes, so I’d like to figure out why it’s not communicating so it can be corrected.

I am using RPi 3B. By flashing the firmware, do you mean re-installing DexterOS on the microSD? I am guessing this will delete my current scratch projects I have on the microSD?

You can follow the instructions here. It would update the firmware on the BrickPi3, and wouldn’t affect the SD card or the projects on it.

Can you please confirm which operating system you are running on the Raspberry Pi? DexterOS is for the GoPiGo3, and does not support the BrickPi3. Raspbian for Robots is the recommended operating system to use with BrickPi3.

Can you please share a picture of the BrickPi3 connected to the Raspberry Pi?

Here’s the info you are requesting -

Any update to this thread?

I have followed all the instructions per your previous email, but I am still getting an error. I created a google doc in the tiny url link above that answers all your questions and shows errors I am getting during the firmware upgrade.

Can you someone tell me if I need to throw away this brickpi and buy a new one?