Not Able To Attach Screws from Servo to GoPiGo 2[SOLVED]

Recently, I bought the GoPiGo 2, and I built it perfectly fine. Now, I am having some problems with the servo motor. I have followed your instructions and I am not able to figure out how to put the screw onto the GoPiGo. Please note I am a kid, and I am not the smartest of all people. Any help would be appreciated.

Did you read the instructions or watch the video? The video may give more insight on how to do it.

I have read the instructions and the video. But the screw won’t go into the plastic that you attach onto the servo motor.

It could be a manufacturing defect. Can you post a picture of the screw trying to be fitted into the motor?

Don’t be so hard on yourself! You have a GoPiGo2 and you built it. That means you’re smart!

If you look at the slot where the screws are supposed to go in, one end is wider than the other. I put my first screw in there, and then I slide it down where the slot is thinner. I don’t have a lot of strength in my wrist so I’m having trouble with those screws too.

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Hello @graykevinb, sorry for the late response. here are the photos:

I am talking about the servo motor itself, and I need this for a science project, so I need it fast. I kind of procrastinated. :sweat_smile:
Here is the other one:

I take it the screw sticking out isn’t going in any farther?

Agree, plus a dummy wouldn’t buy a robot kit. :wink:

Is the hole deep enough for the screw? If not perhaps there is a shorter one that fits.

I have tried and checked all my screws. I am pretty sure it is a manufacturing defect, because I am not able to screw it any further.

are you able to screw it in without the plastic lip?

No, because I need the plastic lip to put the screw in… I am talking about the three tiny pieces in the front of the plastic lip.

Hey @saurishs1215, just a heads up: the smallest screw in the bag should be attaching the plastic lip. If that’s missing, we should figure out a way to replace it for you.

Hi @JohnC, I think I already contacted you, and I have gotten my servo, and it works perfectly now. Thanks for all the help :smiley:

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Hi @saurishs1215,

Glad that you have it working now!


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