Not dead yet! (GoPiGo, that is)

One of the interesting things about the GoPiGo robots is that, just when we think they’ve breathed their last. . . .

Something interesting comes along to breathe new life into it.

That’s the thing I like about this robot.

Maybe it’s not as fancy as the iRobot Create series, but it’s infinitely malliable and can be fashioned into a thousand different things.

Maybe you’re not a ROS mavin?  No problem!  You can program it in Python, or a dozen other languages.  (Maybe even FORTRAN?)

Oh!  You’re not big on “fancy programming”?  There’s Bloxter to help you “get your feet wet”.

Bottom line.

It’s not a “my way or the highway” system.  Instead it’s all about having fun and enjoying learning about the robot.

What say ye?