FWIW, my GoPiGo SD card shipped with a blank hostname. This breaks bonjour.

`pi@(none) ~ $ ls -l /etc/hostname
-rw-r–r-- 1 root root 0 Nov 10 11:54 /etc/hostname

Setting the hostname (instructions here: got my bon jour working correctly. I recommend at least checking to make sure your hostname is set.

UPDATE: Even after getting bon jour working I still couldn’t get vnc working (specifically NoVNC, connecting directyl with a VNC client worked fine), so I ended up pulling down the latest “Robots for Raspberry” image (see: and installed it. I wish I had captured the version I was running before I re-imaged the card. The downloaded version seems to working well; hostname was set and novnc worked fine.

Chobbs42, when did your ship? Was this with a GoBox?

Hi John,

Yes, it was with the GoBox (USA, if it matters). I believe I received it the week of Thanksgiving; it’s been on the shelf waiting for Christmas since.

The latest image is working fine.


Thanks for letting us know, really appreciate it. And I’m glad the latest image is working fine.