NXT Breadboard adapter with 82k pullup resisters



I spend all day trying to connect my arduino to NXT using the breadboard adapter. I could not after just following exact guides step by step on how to do it. So I started to debug the hardware, I found that the pullup resisters on my breadboard adapter is 8.2k not 82k. Is this a product manufacturing issue? Does anyone else have an adapter that can check to see if their resisters are 82k and not 8.2k?

Does the breadboard adapter come with 82k resisters? I think it should. Is there something wrong with mine? I looks like the resisters are 8.2k not 82k.


I can confirm that this is indeed a manufacturing issue. To work around it, you can disable the pullups using the two micro switches, and then add your own pullups to the breadboard. Note that some Arduinos have integrated pullups (usually 10k). I know the Mega has pullups, and I’m pretty sure the Uno and Leonardo do not have pullups.