NXT DI WiFi Module

I realize that this may longer be supported at all, but I’m at a loss and hoping for help anyway.

I’m using the DI WiFi Module for the NXT, along with the DIWI-Websocket-Chrome file, using the premade websocket website provided. Found here: http://www.dexterindustries.com/download.html#DIWIFI under the RobotC Examples and Websocket Examples.

The files compile fine on an older version of RobotC, and connecting to the WEP network works fine. I run the Websocket file, which also seems to work, and I’m given an IP to use to connect to the robot using the website.

This IP is always 74.125.196.*, but it doesn’t seem to try to connect. So I attempted to use the robots local IP from the WLAN, in my case. When I do this, the robot crashes and begins clicking and the only way to restore it is to reset it and reinstall the drivers again.

Has anyone seen this before? Any advice?

Wow, that’s an old sensor! I’ll try to help out, but we don’t have one in the office any more. Dusting out the cobwebs . . .

Have you had the same freezing on other example programs? I’m only curious, I’m just curious if you’re able to get communications succesfully back and forth between the NXT and anything on the web.

I think the key here might be to add some delays. The biggest problem with the wifi device was that it’s on RS485, and that can cause collisions and freezes in the RS485 (both the wifi and the NXT try to send something to each other at the same time, and this causes the line to lock up). I don’t remember it ever crashing the whole brick, but it will freeze the line up.

By adding a few more pauses in the protocol, between when the wifi device sends and receives, you might avoid the collisions.