NXT-G Blocks for dIMU

Hi! I’m trying to run example “dIMU Test.rdt” from https://github.com/DexterInd/DI_LEGO_NXT/tree/master/dIMU/NXT. The program on my Brick (NXT) is not working properly. The Value of gyroscope on Brick’s screen is always 0, but accelerometer’s value depends on the rotation of Sensor’s board and varies from -1204 to 843. What’s the matter?
Is it problem of hardware or sofrware?

Hey PopovArtem, what program are you using . . . NXT 2.0 or the EV3 software?

NXT 2.0

PopovArtem, this is probably a problem with the hardware. When did you purchase the dIMU? It sounds like it is damaged.