Oak-D-Lite is Kickstarting

Carl will probably never forgive me for signing Dave up for a Stereo Depth Camera kickstarter. (There is something to be said for robots that don’t mind being shutoff to recharge.)

It says it takes .6W standby and 4.5W max so it will have to draw power from Dave’s separate 5V 2A Auxiliary power supply. (LIDAR 1.8W , Oak-D-Lite 4.5W but won’t need both simultaneously).

Talk about asking for complications in my ROS2 journey …

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I had seen that. But I decided I didn’t need the complication just yet. It’s supposed to be ROS ready out of the box I think. Looking forward to hearing about it.



I want one!

Bet they’ll never send one here - and it’s not like I’m going to have time to mess with it.


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