Old and new NXTBees together

I’m working with a high school team that is trying to have multiple robots communicating with each other. We have three older NXTBees and recently bought two new ones. We discovered that the newer and older XBees don’t talk to each other. Is there a way we can fix this?


Hey Karen,

Indeed, depending on how old your original XBee radios are, they may have a different firmware. It gets confusing but the XBee radios changed over a year and a half ago to a new firmware.

I’m not sure if the old firmware can be reprogrammed or if something in the hardware of the XBee itself is very different. Since you’re in the US, I will have you send your old radios back to me, and I’ll send you some replacements.

If the old radios can be reprogrammed, we’ll put information up about how to do that.


Thanks for the generous offer. Two of the XBees were purchased 3 years ago, and the third one two years ago. These were used in Robofest projects, so would probably have been purchased in February or so. I had a team use two in Robofest 2011, and then need a third for their project for Robofest 2012. In case knowing just when they were bought helps at all.

I really appreciate you going the extra mile to help us out!