OLED Display 128*64 pixels


I have a Grove OLED 128*64 pixels that’s working very well in my Arduino and I would like to use with your GrovePi too… but don’t work very nice with your OLED.py :frowning:

Help me, please.

Thank you in advance


Hi Pedro,
The 12864 pixel OLED had a different code for getting to work with Python. Sorry, but we don’t support it as of yet.
You can try using the other 96
96 OLED which is supported pretty well with the GrovePi.


I have an OLED 128x64 but I couldn’t get it working.

The driver is SSD1308:

I managed to get it working on my Arduino UNO R3 using the SeeedStudio library:

Tried porting the code to python and my custom GrovePi firmware but all I managed to get was a screen full of random lit pixels.

Once I figure it out, I’ll make a pull request.