One more “Not Bullseye for GoPiGo3”

As if there were not already enough issues that GoPiGo3 users cannot easily use Bullseye,

  1. You can always recreate the “pi” user.

  2. It looks like everyone is becoming “so heavenly minded that they’re no earthly good.” (St. Augustine) about security and such.

IMHO, security is important, but this is a raspberry friggin’ pi for crissakes!

They’re doing everything they can to make it as useless to the maker community as possible.

If they want to be “security anal”, make two versions:

  • One for the security fanatics.
  • One for everyone else.

Or, let the security fanatics install Ubuntu.

What say ye?


Certainly does make it more challenging for the beginner, especially since a lot of projects that you can download for the Raspberry Pi assume the pi user (that is certainly true of the code in Hands on ROS for Robotics Programming. I saw an article yesterday that said some countries are considering regulations that no internet connected devices would be allowed to have a default username/password.

I can actually kind of see it - if there is an exploit for the Raspberry Pi it could be used as a springboard to compromise other computers on the same network.



Exactly why they are doing it - they did put some great init options into the Raspberry Pi imager - setting the hostname, user, password, wifi, and user ssl key are all possible to set when imaging the sd card (although it means typing the options in every time where copying my existing config files to the /boot partition will actually be easier). There are new pre-boot config files to enable the new features.


Simon discussed just that comment - says the only real diff now between Ubuntu and Pi OS is the window manager.


We’re bringing the “young makers” into the real world. There still is a reason we used to think preschoolers did not need to learn to program computers…

Don’t get me started - I just spent two days building threaded classes to enable asynchronous robot control in a subsumption architecture.

“Makers” can impress me with concepts of starting, synchronizing, enabling, inhibiting, and stopping asynchronous communicating state machines with rock-solid, top-to-bottom layered error handling.


Who is “Simon”?

Did he give us the buzzer? :wink:

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big wig at raspberry pi


Another interesting thing about Bullseye on the Pi:

On the Waveshare Wiki where they talk about downloading and updating drivers for their e-Paper displays, they have this now:

(About half-way down the page.)